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Frédéric Magné removed from director’s role at UCI World Cycling Centre


Frédéric Magné has been removed as Director General of the UCI World Cycling Centre following allegations of bullying.

According to French news agency, AFP, Magne (a former world champion on the track) said on Monday this week that he was unable to comment on the allegations for legal reasons. Magne’s lawyer said “We strongly contest these accusations” and told AFP that they were groundless.

The UCI has released a statement on the departure of Frédéric Magné…

Based on information received in the last weeks, the UCI considered that there had been a breach of trust and Mr Frédéric Magné has been relieved of his duties as Director General of the UCI World Cycling Centre (UCI WCC).

The UCI took its decision very quickly after collecting information and testimonies relating to serious matters concerning Mr Frédéric Magné.

We will work to put in place new measures guaranteeing the well-being of the employees and trainees at our coaching and training centre. In particular, we are currently exploring ways to strengthen the UCI WCC’s governance. The UCI will make concrete propositions to the administrators at the next Foundation Board meeting of the UCI World Cycling Centre at the end of November, as well as to the UCI Management Committee.

As our organisation needs to examine all the information at its disposal, it will make no further statement at this stage.




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