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Frightened by the total goal: Red Bull Quicksand returns

Red Bull Quicksand, a uniquely brutal one-mile race along the beach on one of England’s best-known seaside towns, is back again in 2019. Runners and fitness enthusiasts will be able to test their mettle against 750 other competitors in this innovative and gruelling seaside race. As a release from Red Bull points out… ‘How hard can one mile be?’

Taking place on May 18, 2019, in Margate, Kent, Red Bull Quicksand returns less than a year after its inception. The event will see 750 participants push through the sand on the one-mile long course on the Great British seaside.

Runners expend 1.6 times more energy on sand than running on a road surface – the course includes a number of sandy climbs, giving competitors a ‘full fitness examination’.



The course is comprised of multiple sections created to test endurance, agility and speed. Trenches, rollers and six sandcastles stand between the runners and victory. The 2019 edition saw the tallest sandy climb at a staggering 23 feet tall – almost the height of two double-decker buses. According to Red Bull, this year promises bigger, tougher obstacles, including a new loose sand tabletop obstacle set to slow runners down further.

With starving lungs and burning calves, advancing competitors will face the course all over again. The event follows a knockout format with runners progressing through heats and semi-finals to reach the grand final.

Jemma Whyman, winner of the women’s race in 2018, said “After the first heat I felt fine but the third run was so knackering. But the race was brilliant and the atmosphere down here was better than I expected. I will be back next year to defend my title.”

Ross Brackley, the winner of the men’s race, said “I got through to the final with a bit left in the tank so I gave it everything. It was a really interesting running event, very different from anything I have done before. It was all about how you paced it. The sandcastles and bumps just take so much out of you; if you push too hard in between you have nothing left to get up again. I’m really up for coming back next year, really good vibes at this event.”

Entries for Red Bull Quicksand open on Tuesday, February 5th with early bird race entry costing £20 (early bird entries are available until February 19). There will be 750 entries available.




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