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From Road Grand Tours to RGT Cycling

Having had an official launch in the summer of 2018, virtual cycling platform Road Grand Tours has had a rebrand – now becoming RGT Cycling. The new RGT branding was unveiled at the London Bike Show this weekend.

RGT started out almost three years ago. The company notes that, since its inception, ‘thousands of riders from around the world have come together to ride the most realistic virtual cycling experience available.’

It is through these early adopters that RGT Cycling has shaped and redefined its platform, ‘learning from feedback and ideas to create an experience that is accessible to all and will have features suitable for every kind of indoor cyclist.’

A release from RGT explains… ‘Whether you’re looking for a structured workout programme, a competitive online racing series, a way to experience real roads on the other side of the world or simply to jump in and spin the legs for an hour, we have it all and more. Think of RGT now like the ultimate department store. Around each corner is a treasure trove of goodies. A place you can spend hours in, exploring, discovering new things; and the next day, experience something completely different.



The RGT Cycling platform has six, real-world courses available to ride for free. These include the Paterberg, Stelvio Pass and Canary Wharf courses, which seek to ‘surround the rider with realism and authenticity’.

‘RGT Cyclists can choose from a selection of bikes and select which helmets, sunglasses and clothing to wear to bring their personality into their new world.’

The RGT Cycling brand is being launched with a new identity and approach. This aims to ‘bring the excitement and fun of virtual cycling into the real world whilst retaining the same ground breath-taking beauty on offer from the free rides, group rides and races that take place daily.’

RGT is using the hashtag #GOBEYOND. This is a ‘summary of our attitude and personality, a mantra to inspire; to keep pushing forward, always evolving, pushing boundaries, never satisfied that the journey is complete.’




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