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Goal setting and virtual coach features in new Suunto 5


Suunto has announced the imminent launch of the Suunto 5. This slimline GPS watch has a long battery life amongst its many other features, such as goal setting and virtual coach tools.

Suunto cites a range of features in the new watch offering…

  • A battery life of up to 40 hours
  • The intelligent battery mode recognises training patterns, and sends reminders to charge the device before the next session
  • Tracks fitness levels and adapts personalized training guidance based on progress and goals
  • ‘Like a coach, it tells you when to allow for recovery time when you push too hard’
  • Motivates athletes to exercise if a session is missed
  • Tracks stress and sleep
  • Supports in maintaining, improving or boosting fitness levels and performance
  • Provides stats for over 80 customizable sports modes

Community inspiration
Via heatmaps on the Suunto app, the Suunto 5 connects active and adventurous people to a world of new routes. Heatmaps show where, and by what route, people are training, inspiring new challenges and exploration. Once synced, users can explore new tracks and routes on the watch.

Some of the world’s favourite sports apps, like Strava, TrainingPeaks and Relive, are integrated with the Suunto app so users can get more out of their sessions. Suunto adds that training achievements have never been easier to share online via multiple social media platforms.

With an RRP of £299, the Suunto 5 features stainless steel bezels, and four design variants – All Black, White, Burgundy Copper and Graphite Copper. The watch is available for pre-orders on suunto.com and will be released in select retail stores from June 4, 2019.



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