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Going custom: Challenge Family renews partnership with Taymory

For the second consecutive year, Taymory is the Official Technical Partner of Challenge Family. It will continue to supply its apparel to race organizers in the international series as well as participating triathletes.

Taymory renewed its sponsorship agreement with Challenge Family for 2019 by incorporating ‘exclusive customization services for races through a complete line of technical apparel’. This is in addition to being the licensing partner for sport performance wear.

In 2018 Taymory started working with Challenge Family by launching an exclusive Triathlon Collection. This year the brand decided to go one step further. Alongside the Taymory Challenge Family Triathlon Collection, an individual design service for each Challenge Family race will be included. This offers race organizers the opportunity to design and select their own 100% customized apparel collection.

“This new agreement allows us to generate greater value to the events and a better service to the athletes,” said Omar Tayara, CEO at Taymory. “Offering custom designs per event brings us closer to our goal of providing an extraordinary experience in each of the triathletes who dress our garments.”

Challenge Family adds that ‘The agreement incorporates the opinions and suggestions of hundreds of participants who had requested these benefits, along with offering the organizers greater differentiation and a significant improvement in services. These collections may be purchased on the websites of each race and in the official expo stores.’

“Thanks to Taymory, we can achieve the dream of offering exclusive designs based on the image and identity of each event,” said Zibi Szlufcik, CEO of Challenge Family.

Taymory continues to strengthen its line of services to sporting events with partnerships in the United States, Latin America and Europe, where it has continued to expand agreements with a number of event partners. In addition to its design service and direct personalization with race organizers, it is getting ready to launch a new platform for clubs and teams globally.




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