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GORE Wear kicks off ZWIFT Group Workout Series with Fabian Cancellara


GORE Wear is lending a helping hand to British cyclists looking to shrug off the worst of the winter and hit the spring season in peak condition, with a ZWIFT group workout series designed in collaboration with legendary cyclist Fabian Cancellara.

Starting on Tuesday 26th February, the virtual training programme comprises a four-week series hosted and led by the two-time Olympic cycling champion. Besides offering a unique experience for participants to train with Cancellara, sponsor partner GORE Wear notes that these sessions also give cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to ask questions around exercise regimes, riding styles and equipment.

The four group workouts will be hosted on ZWIFT every Tuesday evening at 18:30 GMT. They have been designed to prepare riders for the upcoming cycling season as well as formats such the Chasing Cancellara outdoor events. During the final workout, participants can match themselves against Cancellara and try their best to catch up with him, virtually.

Anyone who has a ZWIFT account can participate. Cycling enthusiasts from all over the globe can tune into these free-to-attend workouts, completing them at home on their smart indoor trainers. By teaming up with ZWIFT, GORE Wear notes that it ‘has found the perfect partner for these pioneering workout sessions’.

During each of the GORE Wear ZWIFT group workout sessions two lucky participants will be picked at random to win a pair of GORE Wear C7 Bib Shorts each.

Featuring an entirely new bib shorts concept, the GORE C7 Bib Shorts are positioned as being ideal for long rides and tough indoor training sessions. With a ‘central torso architecture’, the design ‘keeps the chamois in the correct position, helping to ensure maximum comfort’.

The central torso architecture construction for the bib shorts builds the design concept around the pad. Traditionally, the seat pad is sewn into the bib shorts once the main structure of the shorts has been designed. GORE Wear notes that this means that when you climb out of the saddle into the upright position, the straps of your bib shorts exert multi-directional tension on the chamois, which has a limited amount of stretch, and the more stretchy fabric of the rest of the garment.

The central torso architecture concept takes a fresh approach. The entire garment design revolves around the seat pad and how it is connected to the body and the bib shorts. This construction helps to keep the seat pad in position to provide a stable connection between the rider and the bike.

The collection comprises three purpose-built bib short styles, with each model using different materials, seat pads and designs to match particular riding levels.

  • C7 Race Bib Shorts+ for competitive racers
  • C7 Long Distance Bib Shorts+ for cyclists who spend long days in the saddle
  • C7 Vent Bib Shorts+ for the hot and humid conditions of midsummer

“The best shorts throughout my professional career were always the ones I could barely feel,” Fabian Cancellara said. “The C7 Vent Bib Shorts+ definitely belong in this category. Their ventilation is excellent, making them a great choice for hot and humid rides.”

Chasing Cancellara events
Fabian Cancellara is also waiting in the starting blocks for another series of events scheduled to take place in the real world. The ZWIFT Group Workout Series has been carefully timed to end just before the first of the Chasing Cancellara events get underway.

Riders taking part in these real-life challenges will get the chance to pit themselves against the former professional cyclist. A total of 11 races are scheduled to take place around the globe, each featuring different formats with names such as ‘Mountain Ride’, ‘Team Challenge’ and ‘Chased by Cancellara’.

Anyone who takes part in all four of the ZWIFT Workout sessions has the chance of securing an exclusive place at one of the Chasing Cancellara events.



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