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Grading colour: fizik’s Vento Microtex Tacky Bi-Color bar tapes


fizik’s Vento Microtex Tacky Bi-Color bar tapes – as developed with, and used by, pro riders – are now available in a new range of colourway options. The bar tapes feature a unique design that graduates from solid black to a single solid colour.

Previously available in a wide array of single block colours, the Vento range is now extended to include 10 special new options based on a new colour transition design. The design blends from black at one end of the tape, into one of 10 bold, contrasting colours.

The 10 colorway options are: Black-Celeste, Black-Grey, Black-Orange, Black-Pink, Black-Red, Black-White, Black-Yellow, Orange-Fluo-Black, Pink-Fluo-Black, and Yellow-Fluo-Black. They aim to match or complement many bike, kit and club colourways, and ‘make a great statement about your individuality and style as a rider’.

Because Microtex Tacky Bi-Color bar tapes gradually blend from black at one end to a solid colour at the other, riders can choose which way they want the colour transition effect to work. As fizik points out, ‘you can have the colour on the drops and the black on the tops, so the black hoods blend in – or the other way: colour on the tops and black on the drop so your hoods create a contrast.’

When carefully wrapped the gradient transitions. Spacing varies according to the width of the bars, and whether there is a wider area section. The edge of each wrap shows the contrasting colour line a fine pin-stripe for an additional touch of detail.



“With the new Vento Microtex Tacky Bi-Color bar tape, we’re delighted to show some of the versatile styling we can produce,” said Giovanni Fogal, fizik’s Product Manager.

“The extensive fizik bar tapes range is extremely popular; and we run a great number of colours and style variants, but we’re often asked by customers, pro riders and distributors for more – and we’re happy and proud to indulge with this new range. Of course, the performance and quality of the Microtex Tacky Bi-Color range is the same as the established Vento range.”

As a primary contact point between rider and bike, the interface between the hands and the handlebar is important for control and comfort. fizik adds that the qualities of the tape determine the characteristics of that interface.

Vento bar tapes are made using thin Microtex material for increased control and reduced weight. At just 2.0mm it’s the thinnest tape in fizik’s extensive range. A tacky finish is used. It features a subtly raised texture, providing grip regardless of sweat, showers or sudden changes of direction.

Microtex Tacky Bi-Color is ‘aero bar approved’, with extra length enabling it to be fitted to any large section aero and/or flat-top bars. As with all fizik bar tapes, the kit is complete with two rolls of tape, extra strips for fitting around lever clamps, all the finishing strips needed and a pair of high quality, lightweight bar-end plugs.

Vento Microtex Tacky Bi-Color Bar tape is available now in a choice of 10 colourways, priced at €37.90.



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