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Green Road apparel in 2020 collection from Alé

Alé’s new spring/summer 2020 collection will be previewed during Eurobike 2019 this September. The apparel specialist points to some novelties in the new collection, including: graphene, eco materials and a line of garments for gravel cycling.

Green Road garments
With its new SS 2020 collection, Alé notes that it expresses a desire to share the commitment of many on the environment. The company adds that 90% of its Green Road apparel range consists of fabrics, yarns, inserts and bib elastics with a low environmental impact. A significant percentage of the fabrics used are certified Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is promoted by Textile Exchange, a non-profit organization engaged in certifying products obtained from recycled materials and from sustainable manufacturing activities. Here the objective is promoting responsible and sustainable growth in the textile industry internationally. In particular, the emphasis is on:

  • Recycling, for the development of a sustainable manufacturing and consumption model;
  • Reducing the consumption of resources (virgin materials, water and energy); and
  • Improving the quality of recycled products.

Products with a pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content of at least 20% may be GRS-certified.

Alé’s Green Road garments comprise jerseys and shorts, for both men and women, cycling pads and socks in recycled materials. Alé adds that ‘The Green 4H cycling pad has an 8 mm thick foam… The properties of the fabrics used, such as greater ventilation, quick drying capacity and elevated elasticity, are by no means inferior to those of non-recycled yarns.’

All garments offer UPF50+ protection and are embellished with green details, which emphasize the eco-friendly spirit of the line.




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