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Her Spirit and Sports Tours International empowering women at mass participation events


The 2020 L’Etape du Tour will be the first of many events involving a collaboration between Her Spirit and Sports Tours International. The partnership will seek to enable and encourage women who want to… ‘harness the positive power of women supporting women, to invigorate and celebrate a once of a lifetime trip through togetherness.’

“In 2019, just 7% of the 16,000 starters at the L’Etape du Tour were women,” said Mel Berry, founder of Her Spirit. “We want to change this and increase the number of female participants to 10% over the next three years.”

Her Spirit is an app-based community providing personalised coaching for women ‘focused on mind, body and fuel’.

Mel Berry added “At Her Spirit, we love women’s determination, and the energy we create when we get together and support each other to achieve great things. We are looking for 20 pioneering women to take part in the 2020 L’Etape du Tour with our specially designed package with Sports Tours International to help us change the perception of cycling for future generations.”

She continued, “I’ve been one of those participants and it frustrates me that the percentage is so small. As female cyclists, we are the anomaly in these events; and you can really feel it. At Her Spirit we know women can achieve anything they put their minds to, and through our partnership with Sports Tours International and the sports industry we want to open up more pathways to empower more women to experience some of these incredible events.

“We know the L’Etape du Tour is achievable for any woman who wants to take part, and the Her Spirit community will be there to support every step of the way and help these 20 women achieve their true potential. With expert coaching, specific training plans, peer to peer support from like-minded women, we will guide them all through all the elements involved in taking part.

Chris Bird, CEO of Sports Tours International, said, “At Sports Tours International we want to help make cycling, running and triathlon travel accessible and achievable for all. This partnership is around enabling more women to take part in a variety of events they maybe didn’t think was accessible to them. Her Spirit is doing amazing things to support women in achieving their health and fitness goals.”

For each Her Spirit annual subscription purchased, Her Spirit gifts a subscription to a woman who couldn’t afford to join. It also works directly with organisations that support women in deprived communities to ensure membership reaches most women that need it.

Sports Tours International is the official tour operator of the 2020 Etape du Tour. The Étape du Tour gives non-professional riders the opportunity to ride stage 2 of the Tour de France under similar race-day conditions as the Tour itself.

The 3 night Her Spirit Weekend package for 2020 Etape du Tour is priced at £518 + £99 entry fee (flights not included). The package includes guaranteed race entry.




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