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HIGH5 unveils ‘mini but mighty Energy Gummies’


HIGH5 has announced the launch of its new Energy Gummies, ‘designed to provide a tasty and easy-to-chew carbohydrate energy boost before and during sport’.

HIGH5 notes that the down-in-one approach of a gel isn’t for everyone. That’s why the company has created its ‘mini but mighty Energy Gummies’, which are billed as ‘a deliciously nutritious energy source for all sports people, beginner or pro’.

In a release, the company adds, ‘And because we haven’t used gelatin like a lot of products out there, our Energy Gummies are vegetarian and vegan friendly!’

Energy Gummies are chewy sports gummies which provide a convenient, easy-to-carry source of energy in an alternative format to gels or bars. One pouch of gummies is similar in carbohydrate content to one HIGH5 Energy Gel. Unlike a gel or bar, Energy Gummies come in a re-sealable pouch allowing athletes to tailor their energy intake on-the-go.

The HIGH5 release continued… ‘Something that was very important for us when creating these little pocket rockets was that they tasted amazing! Here at HIGH5, we are focused on creating great tasting sports nutrition products that work when you need them most to help you enjoy your sport more – it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

‘Energy Gummies are available in two great tasting flavours: Mixed Berry, a blend of dark and tangy berries and Tropical, a fruity burst with an extra caffeine boost. Both flavours contain the key electrolytes sodium and potassium with added Vitamin B6.’

HIGH5 Energy Gummies are priced at £14 for a 10 pack, and £15 for a 10 pack with added caffeine. They are free from artificial sweeteners, use only natural flavourings and are suitable for vegans.



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