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Highlights video showcases PATAGONMAN XTRI 2019

After a first edition in 2018, PATAGONMAN XTRI will be back to Aysen, Patagonia, in Chile, on December, 1st 2019. A new highlights video from the organising team showcases the scenery and challenge of the event.

The inaugural event saw participants from 45 different countries jumping from a ferry boat in the dark early hours before the crack of dawn. The PATAGONMAN XTRI organising team has released a video to showcase the scenery and challenge taken on my athletes.



Taking in the scenic backdrop of Patagonia, the event is part of the XTRI WORLD TOUR circuit. It is supported by Norseman, the iconic long-distance race, that has gone from point to point and from fjord to mountain in Norway since 2003.

The long distance PATAGONMAN XTRI involves a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2 km run. However, the organising team in Chile point to a difference in the point-to-point course in Patagonia, with ‘a unique surrounding and extreme conditions’. As with Norseman in Norway, the swim leg of PATAGONMAN XTRI starts with a jump from a ferry boat. Here, athletes plunge into the icy-cold waters of the Aysén Fjord (10-12°C) and then swim back to Puerto Chacabuco.

The race is supported by the Chile Olympic Committee, the National Sports Institute, Bureau of National Tourism, the Armada de Chile and local authorities. Sponsor partners included Zoot Sports, Naviera Austral, Merrell and Puerto Chacabuco.




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