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HiRide rolls out eSAS road & gravel bike suspension on Paris-Roubaix pavé


eSAS, billed as ‘the world’s first front and rear electronically-controlled suspension system for road and gravel bikes’ has been rolled out on Paris-Roubaix’s notorious pavé. The high tech solution developed by the Milan-based electronic suspension specialist, HiRide, was used during an international media road-test and on some of the pro bikes during the gruelling race itself.

HiRide itself emerged from the e-Novia Enterprise Factory – a smart transportation initiative in Italy. It makes electronic bike suspensions. Its front and rear eSAS road/gravel bike electronic suspensions were said to be at home on the notoriously challenging roads of Roubaix.

The pavé cobblestones of the French roads were singled out in order to show how eSAS adapts its suspension automatically and instantaneously. This helps to ensure that variations in uneven ground are absorbed.

The company goes on to point out that it… guarantees a ‘hard’ response on smooth asphalt yet with greater stability and a more comfortable ride on rougher surfaces.

This is the concept underpinning the eSAS system. It analyses both terrain conditions and variations in the frame in real time, automatically adapting the suspensions’ behaviour to make the frame either stiffer or more flexible.

The system is made up of two electro-hydraulic suspensions and a control unit that incorporates accelerometers and gyroscopes. Sophisticated algorithms developed by the HiRide engineers process the data from sensors and then use that information to control both suspensions to give the cyclist a rigid or flexible frame when needed.

eSAS also has an interface that allows the cyclist to interact with the system; and a Bluetooth and ANT+ module that can communicate with smartphones and bike computers.

“After the rear suspension’s debut in 2017, we are extremely satisfied with the eSAS front and rear suspension,” said Domenico Borgese, Technology Chief at HiRide. “Its reliability has been confirmed now that it has been tested in competition by professionals who chose to use it in extreme conditions during last Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix.

“The system improves the bikes’ stability and performance, guaranteeing an optimal level of comfort. This is a solution that will definitely become a must for any amateur cyclists that clock up thousands of kilometres every year.”



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