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HUUB welcomes Vorteq to the Fellowship of Speed

HUUB welcomes Vorteq to the Fellowship of Speed

HUUB, a specialist in wetsuit design for triathletes and open water swimmers, has confirmed a partnership with Vorteq – as the HUUB brand continues to shake things up in the velodrome. This collaboration with Vorteq, ‘the TotalSim company’, has already produced notable results on the track via high-performance cycling skinsuits, and HUUB is now taking this speedsuit innovation to market.

Vorteq has enjoyed considerable success with the HUUB Wattbike team. The team wore Vorteq-powered suits en-route to its 2018 World Cup win in London. In addition, HUUB Wattbike rider John Archibald set the sea level world record in the individual pursuit in Switzerland at the end of 2018 while wearing a suit produced jointly by HUUB and Vorteq.

HUUB is now set to make this cycle apparel technology available to the public, having never before been commercially available.

The partnership has been in development for the past two years, with the HUUB and Vorteq teams both working behind the scenes to ‘develop the tools necessary to design the fastest skinsuit on the planet and make it available to the consumers and professionals.’

Deano Jackson, owner of HUUB Design said, “We are very proud to announce this partnership and finally bring our ideas to life, marrying both cutting-edge technology and speed, with Vorteq now forming part of our ‘Fellowship of Speed’. We have already seen the results that the collaboration can produce, and we can’t wait to bring this speed to the masses.”

He continued, “When Dan Bigham, Team Leader, came to me asking for a suit that would save him 25 watts I knew there was only one place to turn to for support and we’ve created something that may even save him more. We’re looking forward to seeing the results.

“The HUUB mission is to continue to challenge convention and disrupt the track cycling world. Helping design and develop a skinsuit specifically for HUUB Wattbike felt like an unmissable opportunity to showcase the potential for advancement in skinsuit technology, and we can’t wait to bring this speed to the masses.”

Vorteq is now situated in the state-of-the-art Sports Engineering Hub at Silverstone Park with access to both the fabric wind tunnel and performance sports wind tunnel to conduct full scale tests on athletes. With 11 years of experience designing skinsuits for Olympians, competing over a wide range of summer & winter sports, the company is ‘confident it will raise the bar’. Its mission is to ‘make the unachievable achievable, by continually pushing the boundaries of technology’.



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