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HUUB’s cycling expansion continues with HUUB Track Attaque series


This month sees the launch of a new endurance event series, sponsored by HUUB and organised by Attaque Cycling Events… HUUB Track Attaque.

HUUB Track Attaque is a series of cycling endurance challenges, with events taking place across Britain’s indoor & outdoor velodromes and race circuits. Each event is team based, and runs for either 12 or 24 hours in duration. As the organising team points out, ‘[this is] a real test of endurance, often gruelling, mentally testing but instantly addictive!’

HUUB Track Attaque aims to create a thrilling and enduring experience for all levels of cyclist… ‘Targeted at the triathlete in training to those considering an introduction into the sport or who have never had the opportunity to ride a velodrome track before.’

  • Indoor velodrome events for 12hr & 24hr: teams of 6, riding in rotation
  • Outdoor velodromes & race circuits: teams of 2, 3 or 4, again riding in rotation

For businesses and groups, Track Attaque also offers up a unique corporate challenge and provides a platform for fundraising and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Colleagues, clients or friends can team up and push boundaries in these circuit challenges.

The event series kicks off on 28th September with a 12-hour challenge at Darley Moor Race Circuit, in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Here, teams can be made up of 2, 3 or 4 riders.

Dean Jackson, owner of Huub Design said “Having recently moved into cycling, all eyes have been on track, thanks to the HUUB Wattbike Team shaking up the world of elite track cycling. It is great to now be able to enter a partnership with an endurance cycling series that offers such a unique velodrome experience, not just for the cyclist or triathlete, but also for those that have never ridden a track before.”

Zoe Westerman, Director, Attaque Cycling Events said “It’s an honour to be launching our new events series with one of the best cycling and triathlon apparel brands in the world. The next few years are really exciting for us; and Huub’s contribution will really help us reach more people and drive our events forward.”



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