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HYDROspeed swimskin added to Quintana Roo’s swim collection


Quintana Roo (QR), the company that developed the first triathlon-specific wetsuit in the late 1980s, has introduced its first swimskin as part of the Quintana Roo swim collection. Called the HYDROspeed, the company notes that its swimskin focuses on performance and natural stroke. In a warm water race, the USA Triathlon- and IRONMAN-legal suit will ‘cover any tri kit in every way needed.’

Engineered using FINA approved material, QR claims to have ensured the best moisture-wicking textile and drag-reducing experience possible. Designed in men’s and women’s sizing, the HYDROspeed comes with the standard QR swim products’ 14-day money back guarantee and two-year no fault warranty.

Quintana Roo President and CEO, Peter Hurley called the new product “Simple speed at a fair price.” He added, “We stuck to the same instincts we used to develop all the HYDRO swim products: make the highest quality swimskin for the highest performance.”

The key features of the HYDROSpeed swimskin include:

  • Lifetime hydrophobic qualities
  • High-quality Italian hydrophobic cloth, moisture-wicking material
  • Auto-locking, easy strip zipper
  • Supple neck design
  • Reduced seam design
  • Lycra free design
  • USA Triathlon and IRONMAN legal

QR is offering the HYDROspeed online from an MSRP of US$179 (sleeveless) to US$199 (short sleeved). A size quide is offered during the purchase process.

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, American Bicycle Group (ABG) manufactures three brands of high-performance bikes – Quintana Roo (QR) triathlon bikes; Ocoee carbon all-road, gravel and mountain bikes; and Litespeed (LS) titanium road, gravel and mountain bikes – as well as the HYDRO series of wetsuits under the QR brand.




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