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Inaugural Triathlon Show Italy this March


For the first time in Italy a dedicated event for triathlon and endurance sports, Triathlon Show Italy, takes place this March. Organised by FCZ Triathlon Team ASD, the consumer show will take place in Cervia, a major seaside resort in Emilia-Romagna, North Italy, from 22-24 March 2019.

Running over thre days, there will be triathlon, duathlon and running competitions, workout sessions, workshops, music and entertainment.

Triathlon Show Italy will also be an opportunity to applaud the Italian triathletes who have distinguished themselves most in the 2018 season. A number of these athletes will be on the stage of the 7th annual Triathlon Gala (Gala del Triathlon) to receive awards on the evening of Saturday 23 March.

The show was presented to the press today (12 February), at 11:30 CET, in the Torre San Michele in Cervia. At the launch, Cervia’s Mayor and the Councillor for Sport, respectively Luca Coffari and Gianni Grandu, were in attendance. Also present were: the President of Cervia Turismo Daniela Rampini and the manager of the Triathlon Show and its events, Fabrizio Cutela. The launch was chaired by Dario ‘Daddo’ Nardone – creator and director of the popular Italian tri website FCZ.it.

Mayor Luca Coffari said “With the Triathlon Show we get back into play with a view to creating a great product for the sport of triathlon and its practitioners. Last year we were present at the Triathlon Gala and came out with goose bumps after listening to stories of sincere passion. Thanks to some great teamwork, the area around Cervia has become the Italian capital of triathlon. Now we thank Triathlon Show for choosing us.”

The Hospitality of Cervia Turismo, Daniela Rampini, spoke about the hospitality of the territory and its natural “predisposition” to multisport, stating, “Our land is a perfect match for the needs of sportsmen; and, as we have shown on a practical level, triathletes in particular. The Triathlon Show is another opportunity to show how much we can do and how much we are connected to this discipline.”

Triathlon Show is organized by FCZ Triathlon Team ASD, under the patronage of the Municipality of Cervia and the Italian Triathlon Federation.

FCZ Triathlon Team ASD is flanked by leading partners in their respective sectors. These include: Terre del Triathlon; Follow Your Passion Tri-Bike-Run; Fantini Club; and Yuri Scarpellini, the founder of the clothing brand Happiness. Media partners include: FCZ.it World Triathlon, Radio DeeJay, Bike Channel, Tele Romagna and RSD – Radio Studio Delta Cesena.




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