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Indoor training consolidation, as Wahoo to acquire The Sufferest


Connected fitness device specialist Wahoo Fitness has announced its intention to acquire The Sufferfest, billed as ‘the most complete training platform for cyclists, triathletes and other endurance athletes.’

This latest acquisition follows a spate of intensified activity in the indoor training (and racing) space – as The Sufferfest recently unveiled dedicated training plans for indoor bike racing and the burgeoning eSports event arena. It also follows hot-on-the-heels of Wahoo’s rival Garmin acquiring bike trainer specialist Tacx.

The Sufferfest app provides subscribers access to a comprehensive library of structured cycling and running workouts designed by elite coaches, training plans, strength training, yoga for cyclists and a mental training programme.

In a release it was noted that the acquisition of The Sufferfest increases the brands’ combined capability to create training solutions for endurance athletes who want to get the most out of themselves.

‘There are no planned changes in The Sufferfest business offering or structure as a result of this acquisition.’

Commenting on the announcement, Chip Hawkins, founder of Wahoo, said “We are really pleased to bring together the Wahooligan and Sufferlandrian communities. We share a common passion for the performance of endurance athletes and our collective knowledge will provide additional benefits to athletes everywhere.”

He continued, “Wahoo remains committed to the growth of the indoor training and fitness sectors and will continue to integrate and collaborate with as many leading software providers as possible.”

“This partnership brings together two companies with a strong history of innovation,” said David McQuillen, founder of The Sufferfest. “Our market-leading content and sports science – together with Wahoo’s ground-breaking engineering – will allow us to develop fantastic new concepts and training solutions for our customers.”

He added, “The strong sense of identity that has made The Sufferfest what it is today will remain, and we will continue to work closely with our existing hardware partners to ensure seamless compatibility across all platforms.”

In a blog post, SUF founder David McQuillen gave some further background to the deal…

“Over the past ten years The Sufferfest has had to reinvent itself many times. We started as a media ‘company’ selling downloadable videos (and calling ourselves a ‘company’ back then was really a stretch). Today, we’re a successful subscription-based technology company that serves the needs of individual athletes as well as gyms and studios.

“We’re not alone in our journey from small, scrappy outfit to innovative leader in the indoor training space. One of the biggest agents of change in the indoor cycling industry has been Wahoo Fitness. Like us, they started very small — with a little plastic thingy called a dongle that you plugged into an iPhone so you could connect to your fitness devices. Also like us, they kept reinventing themselves.

‘But it’s people who make a company. The people at Wahoo who run the business, build the products and serve the Wahooligan community have become our trusted friends. Wahoo has long been one of our key partners.

‘As companies and communities, Wahoo Fitness and The Sufferfest are cut from the same cloth. And so, as our industry reaches a new stage in its growth, it made a lot of sense to come together.

‘At the same time, we will still work apart. The Sufferfest will remain an independent product, team, brand and Nation. We’ll continue to work with our other hardware partners to ensure seamless compatibility and a first-class experience with the app regardless of what kind of trainer you’re on. Wahoo will continue to work with its other software partners (but, really, why would you want to use anything other than The SUF?).’



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