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Italian TV presenter Federica Torti at inaugural Triathlon Show Italy

Italian TV presenter Federica Torti will be present at the first Triathlon Show Italy. Organised by FCZ Triathlon Team ASD, the consumer show will take place in Cervia, a major seaside resort in Emilia-Romagna, North Italy, from 22-24 March 2019.

On the evening of Saturday 23 March, Federica Torti will be on stage at the Gala del Triathlon, Italy’s traditional prize-giving evening, which, having reached its seventh edition, will involve a number of other guests and champions.

The next morning, on Sunday 24 March, the TV presenter will be at the start of the show’s 10K Run by FollowYourPassion.

Federica Torti said “Racing gives me great satisfaction in terms of psychophysical benefits. I run to breathe the fresh air, to explore, to escape the ordinary and to enjoy the journey along the road. Life becomes more lively and more intense. I also feel that my brain processes better sophisticated thoughts related to memory, attention, decision making, and multi-tasking.”

She continued, “Being an athlete, as well as a celebrity, completes my mental approach to everyday life. It has absolutely helped me to reach a certain level of personal balance and strengthened me very much in terms of determination and achievement of objectives. In short, being involved with sport for me is synonymous with determination and the ability to reach a final goal.ds

“Triathlon could be my future challenge. If you never aim high and are satisfied you will never improve!”

Triathlon Show is organized by FCZ Triathlon Team ASD, under the patronage of the Municipality of Cervia and the Italian Triathlon Federation.

FCZ Triathlon Team ASD is flanked by leading partners in their respective sectors. These include: Terre del Triathlon; Follow Your Passion Tri-Bike-Run; Fantini Club; and Yuri Scarpellini, the founder of the clothing brand Happiness. Media partners include: FCZ.it World Triathlon, Radio DeeJay, Bike Channel, Tele Romagna and RSD – Radio Studio Delta Cesena.




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