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ITU confirms cancellation of Cape Town and Antwerp World Cups


The ITU Executive Board has approved to remove the Cape Town and Antwerp World Cups out of ITU’s 2020 World Cup events calendar. The financial struggles of the organizing committee in Cape Town, and the lack of support of the new elected municipal government in Antwerp have led to both events been cancelled.

Despite all the efforts made by the organising committee, Triathlon South Africa and ITU to find new sponsors to financially the event financially, the organisers of the Cape Town World Cup have decided to cancel the event. The team notes that it is ‘trying to minimize as much as possible the impact that this will have in the athletes and coaches planning for the 2020 season.’

Scheduled to take place in mid-February, Cape Town has been for the last few years the event that kicked off the World Cup season, and ITU, TSA and the local organisers will work to try to have an event back in 2021, along with the Science and Triathlon Conference.

In the case of the Antwerp World Cup, due to take place in the Belgium city on June 21, 2020, the change in the municipal government of the city has led to the organisers not having the usual support from the city of Antwerp. The organization of the World Cup on the same location as the two previous years, with the same course and the same atmosphere is ‘at the moment not possible, therefore the organisers and the Belgium National Federation have requested that the event is removed from the ITU calendar.’

ITU added that it wants to thanks the organisers and both national federation for the ‘incredible work done during the last years, that has permitted to organized fantastic competitions in Cape Town and Antwerp.’ ITU will continue working with both organisers, as well as their national federations, to try to have the events back in the calendar in the future.




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