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ITU Technical Officials continue to grow worldwide

ITU World Triathlon Madrid 2013 - bike - photo credit ITU - Janos Schmidt

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) has reported, once again, that the number of ITU Technical Officials has increased worldwide. ITU reports a rise of 11% in 2018 ‘as a direct result of the many seminars and courses that ITU held throughout the year and across the globe.’

ITU has also increased substantially the number of female officials, especially in the Level I, where currently women represent 32% of the officials.

“The growth and development of our officials is immensely important to us as the International Federation,” said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “Our events wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and the skills of all our officials; and [this] is key for us to keep on doing development programs that are designed to facilitate growth at all levels, across both genders and to new areas of the world.”

Africa is the region that last year saw a higher increase in the number of officials, with 945 local technical officials plus another 165 that now have an international certification provided by ITU. The Americas is also a region where the number of Technical Officials has grown notably, especially among Level III Officials, where numbers have increased 20% in only 12 months.

The growth of the number of Level III TOs has increased substantially as well both in Asia and Oceania, with a 13% growth. In 2018, ITU organized Level III courses – the maximum level at the International Federation, held only every four years – in these three continents, while the European Oofficials had a Level III course the previous year.

The number of certified female Technical Officials rose slightly in 2018, with 2027 women now officiating in all ITU races, 32% of the total number of TOs. ITU adds that this is a number that most likely will continue to grow in 2019, ‘with the application of the 25% gender participation rule in our activator, community and level 1 seminars.’

In the coming months, Costa Rica, Lausanne, Miyazaki, Bermuda, Uruguay and Barbados will host Technical Official Level 1 seminars. Interested parties can refer to the ITU Development calendar for the complete list of seminars and courses.



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