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La Fausto Coppi and GSG get together for 2019 race jersey


The jersey of the international granfondo, La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio, will be supplied by the Italian company GSG.

GSG becomes the official producer and sponsor of La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio’s event jersey. This year’s race in Cuneo, Italy, takes place on the weekend of June 30th. Every year the race jersey is worn by around 2800 participants in the cycling event. As the organising team points out… this is not only during the race itself but throughout the entire season, to testify: ‘I was there. I did it!’

With its 4125m of total elevation, taking in Colle Fauniera (2481m) as its GPM (Mountain Grand Prix), La Fausto Coppi is one of the hardest cycling events in Europe.

For its 2019 edition, the official granfondo jersey will be made by GSG Cycling Wear, a company founded in 1984 by Simone Fraccaro, a former pro cyclist, who competed next to the cycling champions such as Moser and Saronni.

‘Made in Italy’, with more than 30 years of experience in the production of technical cycling apparel, GSG notes that it sets itself the goal, on a daily basis, to offer high quality, with a constant and scrupulous work in the choice of materials.

GSG will be the partner and producer of the 2800 jerseys (this is the limited number of participants fixed for the year 2019), which will be included into the race pack and that the competitors of the 32nd edition of La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio will have to wear during the international granfondo.

The new jersey of La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio by GSG is a 100% Made in Italy garment, made into the company’s factories of Vallà di Riese Pio X (in the province of Treviso, in Italy). An official presentation of the jersey will take place in Cuneo, during a dedicated launch event.

“It’s with real pleasure that we announce our partnership with GSG, a company which is renowned for the quality of its products and for its entirely Italian manufacture,” said Emma Mana and Davide Lauro, President and Vice-President of ASD Fausto Coppi, which organizes the event.

“The jersey has always been the icon of La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio and generates great expectations. We are sure that GSG will be able to honour it with a unique design.”

“I am very happy that GSG can be such an important partner for La Fausto Coppi marathon,” added Ronny Fraccaro, GSG Cycling Wear General Manager. “And this is just on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the great champion Fausto Coppi. Our goal is to provide all athletes who participate in the event with the jersey that is for us the symbol of our mission – challenge your limits.”



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