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Lactate buffer: Xendurance in two year partnership with Haute Route


Sports nutrition brand Xendurance is gearing up to partner with premium multi-day cycling event Haute Route in a two-year deal. The collaboration aims to help riders improve their lactic and aerobic threshold using Xendurance’s lactic acid buffering tablets and energy gels before, during and after their event.

The partnership was forged after a survey of alumni and potential Haute Route riders earlier this year told Haute Route that its events – originally billed as the highest and toughest in the world – were not too hard. Rather, the riders said, they just needed to prepare better for them.

Xendurance’s formula has been ‘proven in a study by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to reduce muscle soreness and trauma, resulting in a 26% reduction in lactic acid, a 39% reduction in post-exercise oxidative stress, and a six-times reduction of creatine kinase levels in just 10 days.’

The company adds that this is ‘perfect for helping athletes who are training for back-to-back days in the Alps, Pyrenees or Dolomites to achieve that improved level of preparation.’

All Xendurance products are certified 100% drug free by Informed Sport.

Jim Peskett, Xendurance Europe’s General Manager, said “This is not just a ‘let’s work together’ idea: Xendurance and Haute Route are an exact fit. Haute Route’s events are uniquely challenging, and our product is uniquely effective in the way it can help people prepare better and perform at their best in them.

“There’s a little bit of education required around it, but if Haute Route riders train with Xendurance lactic acid buffer tablets for six months before their event they should arrive with their best possible condition.”

Philippe Jullien, Haute Route’s Marketing & Commercial Director, said “Through marketing surveys and post event feedback our riders told us they wanted to be better prepared for Haute Route events and to know what nutrition to have and when to consume it.

“The partnership with Xendurance is central to our ‘Reach New Heights’ message, which we launched this year to motivate our athletes to meet their own personal goals on and off the bike. We are looking forward to our riders seeing their own performances improve both in training and on event through the integration of Xendurance’s lactic acid buffer tablets and gels.”

Xendurance’s role as Haute Route’s Continental Energy Partner begins on January 1, 2020 and the partnership covers all of Haute Route’s European events. Registered riders are entitled to 25% off all Xendurance products.




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