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Let it bled: destination Slovenia for new Challenge Bled 2020


With its impressive landscape and 1,000 years of history, the Slovenian town of Bled will be home to Challenge Family‘s newest race. Taking place on 17 May 2020, Challenge Bled aims to open up a new chapter for Challenge Family in the centre of Europe. According to the organising team, it will feature ‘one of the most scenic courses in the whole triathlon world.’

The swim course is set in Lake Bled, with a picturesque island and Bled Castle sitting enthroned above the lakefront. On the bike course, athletes will experience the Triglav National Park with a route that runs along the Bohinj Lake and leads up to the World Cup Biathlon Center of Pokljuka.

With a total elevation gain of 1,100m and views of the Julian Alps, athletes will be provided with a challenging but rewarding course. To finish off the race, the fast run course is set along the banks of Lake Bled and features a backdrop of the Julian Alps, Bled Castle and Lake Bled.

“As Bled and its surroundings are undoubtedly the pearl of Slovenian tourism, it is also the centre of Slovenian sport – the world’s best rowers, biathletes, ski jumpers, alpine skiers, hockey players, cyclists and triathletes originate from this region,” said Miro Kregar, Race Director of Challenge Bled.

“Bled is the cradle of Slovenian triathlon since 1984. It is therefore a logical consequence that the triathlon event under the Challenge Family license has found its place in Bled. We are honoured to invite you to the Kingdom of the Goldenhorn goat and the Triglav National Park.”

Challenge Family CEO Zibi Szlufcik added, “The stunning backdrop of the Julian Alps and Lake Bled at the heart of the race course provide a perfect setting for our new and distinct Challenge Bled. We are looking forward to welcoming athletes from all over the world to Bled, let them experience the region´s unique hospitality and provide them with exceptional courses, not just for the middle distance, but for the relays and side events as well.

“The local organising team has longstanding triathlon event experience and in line with our Challenge Family principle ‘All About The Athlete’, they’ll no doubt deliver an amazing athlete experience.”



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