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LOOK in distribution partnership with Cycle Service Nordic


LOOK has announced a new partnership with Cycle Service Nordic, extending its reach into core Scandinavian territories starting from September 2019. The new partnership will see LOOK pedals and cleats distributed to Norway, Sweden and Finland.

LOOK’s pedals include the Keo range, designed for road riding, and the X-TRACK range, designed for off-road use, including gravel riding. The new versatile Geo-Trekking pedal, and EXAKT power meter pedal created in partnership with SRM, will also be distributed by Cycle Service Nordic.

Sébastien Coué, LOOK Sales & Marketing Director, said “LOOK are proud to be a true global brand with a reach and popularity that has been earned through a dedication to product innovation and excellence. This includes the Scandinavian territory, which has shown a growing appetite for LOOK products in recent years.

“We welcome this new partnership with Cycle Service Nordic (CSN), a leading bike parts distribution specialist in Scandinavia. This partnership will allow LOOK to benefit from CSN’s high quality service and dedicated support for their retailers.”

He continued, “The CSN team has continually demonstrated excellence and we are sure that this new partnership will benefit current and future retailers in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Choosing CSN to distribute LOOK products confirms our commitment to retailers in those three countries.”

René Sonny Hansen, Cycle Service Nordic Commercial Manager, said “The bicycle pedal category is very important for a bicycle retailer. Therefore, a complete coverage of the product category is a crucial part of Cycle Service Nordic’s new strategy. We want to be able to offer retailers the best possible brands in each product category.

“For a long time, LOOK have led the way in road bike clipless pedals with Keo, and the presence of LOOK within the mountain bike category with X-TRACK also demonstrates their skill and dedication to great design and innovation, not only creating value for road riders, but across multiple segments of the market for clipless pedals.

“With production facilities as well as in-house product development in France, LOOK ensures the best possible quality with its products and can react quickly to ever-changing consumer trends. LOOK are the inventor of the clipless pedal and their knowledge combined with their dedicated approach to carbon development, innovation and design, makes them one of the most prestigious brands in the bicycle industry.

“By adding LOOK pedals to our portfolio in Norway, Sweden and Finland from September, we can now be confident that we have the most comprehensive coverage of the bicycle pedals category.”



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