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Mallorca 140.6 back in the Balearics in 2020

Spain’s Balearic Island of Mallorca has a new long course event – as the Mallorca 140.6 long distance triathlon will be held in the resort of Alcudia in October, 2020. After several years without a race like this, the event is making its comeback… ‘aspiring to be a world reference again for amateurs and professionals alike.’

Taking in the unique setting of Alcudia Bay, the finish line will be on the beach. The organising team note that the bike route will be ‘incredibly attractive for its profile and landscape, providing perfect conditions for a top level race.’

Mallorca 140.6 will be held on 24 October 2020. Registration will open on the 2 September 2019, for a maximum of 1,500 participants. The total distance of the race in miles gives it its name, 140.6, which is equivalent to 226 kilometres. The athletes will complete a 3800m swim, 180km bike (2 laps, drafting not permitted), and a 42.195m run to the finish line on Alcudia beach.

A half distance will be held parallel to the long distance event; ‘Mallorca 140.6 HALF’, featuring half the distances: 1900m swim, 90km bike and 21km run.

The race will be on a very similar course to the one used in previous years. Mallorca 140.6 also aims to become an international benchmark in the control of drafting on the bike course. The organisers note that a series of very strict measures will be in place to impede illegal drafting on the bike.

Officials and referees will be scattered around the course throughout the competition to ‘guarantee that each and every participant will ride the 180kms without cycling in the slipstream of another.’

Next year’s event will also feature a ‘Vintage’ category for triathletes who participate with equipment from the 80s and 90s, emulating the pioneers of triathlon.

This long distance triathlon returns to the Balearic Islands organized by local company Kumulus. The event team has experience in organising international events in Mallorca, such as the Zafiro Palma Marathon, Portocolom Triathlon, Long Course Weekend Mallorca, Powerman Mallorca Duathlon, Spartan Race Mallorca, Super League Triathlon and past editions of IRONMAN Mallorca.




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