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MATRIX PowerWatch 2 gears up with body heat and solar power


At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, MATRIX Industries is announcing and showcasing PowerWatch 2.

MATRIX is a materials science specialist and is aiming to ‘radically changing the way we harvest and use previously wasted energy.’ MATRIX states the next generation of PowerWatch will build upon the proprietary thermoelectric technology from PowerWatch and PowerWatch X, and will add an additional method of energy harvesting – solar cell technology.

The PowerWatch 2 comes standard with a new set of functions, including built-in intelligent heart rate monitoring capabilities, a full-colour display and onboard GPS. PowerWatch 2 is available for pre-order, starting at US$200 for early bird pre-orders (US$499 MSRP).

MATRIX Co-founder and CEO, Akram Boukai said. “We spent the last two-years listening, and have designed PowerWatch 2 with community feedback woven throughout its DNA.”

The PowerWatch 2 is designed with improved thermoelectric generators and all-new solar-cell technology. According to MATRIX, this enables the smart watch to ‘constantly generate enough energy to operate the built-in intelligent heart rate monitor, wherever, whenever.’

With the introduction of HR and GPS functionality, PowerWatch 2 – and its iOS/Android companion apps – can now provide users with more useful health and fitness metrics, including what is being billed as the most accurate calorie count industry-wide, as well as pace, distance, steps, sleep, cadence, and more. PowerWatch 2 will also integrate third-party fitness platforms such as Apple HealthKit and Google Fit, and is water resistant up to 200m.



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