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MATRIX raises US$1.6m and extends PowerWatch 2 pre-order campaign

With more than 7500 pre-orders reportedly placed and US$1.6m raised in one month, MATRIX Industries is announcing the extension of its PowerWatch 2 pre-order campaign for an additional 15-days.

Now powered by body heat and solar power, the materials science specialist has already introduced its latest generation of PowerWatch – PowerWatch 2, and a Premium Edition upgrade. Now, as MATRIX extends the pre-order campaign, it is also sharing for the first time ever, the PowerWatch 2 LUXE Edition. PowerWatch 2 LUXE is available for pre-order today, starting at US$279 for a limited run of 1000 Series 1 units (US$699 MSRP).

PowerWatch 2 LUXE Edition features a quick-release, 22mm shark mesh stainless steel strap, and comes in either Black or Gold finishes. Backers who pre-order PW2 LUXE will be treated to a ‘rich, limited edition packaging, hand-crafted using premium materials’. The LUXE also ships with a spring bar tool for band changes, and a plated warranty card.

PowerWatch 2 is designed with improved thermoelectric generators and all-new solar-cell technology, constantly generating more than enough energy to operate the built-in intelligent heart rate monitor.

PowerWatch 2 also introduces a first full-colour LCD display powered by thermoelectric and solar energy.

Always-on onboard GPS helps make PowerWatch 2 a tool for anyone mapping out their run, hike or ride, and allows users to leave their phones at home.

With the introduction of HR and GPS functionality, PowerWatch 2 – and its iOS/Android companion apps – can now provide users with useful health and fitness metrics, including calorie count, pace, distance, steps, sleep, cadence, and more.

PowerWatch 2 will also integrate third-party fitness platforms like Apple HealthKit and Google Fit, and is water resistant up to 200m.

While PowerWatch 2 increases the amount of energy available to the charge-free wearable, MATRIX’s materials science and hardware engineers were able to also further miniaturize both the thermoelectric (TEG) and solar cell processes, decreasing PowerWatch 2’s weight and size.




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