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Megmeister strives to deliver next generation performance baselayers


Megmeister, an award winning baselayer brand, takes inspiration from the German word ‘meister’, translating as ‘master’ or ‘craftsman’.

The idea behind the Megmeister concept came from founder, Jos Ruiterman. With over 20 years in the textile industry and dealing with many of the world’s biggest sports brands with performance textiles, Ruiterman saw opportunity to create ‘high-end performance wear’.

He focused his attention on a new type of base layer capable of delivering ‘next Generation performance’ to athletes across the sports and leisure activity spectrum. He noted that ‘the perfect base layer would resolve the major problem that has stumped sports brands over the years, a product that delivers the perfect fit, comfort and performance without any compromises.’

After much research and development with performance athletes, Megmeister created DRYNAMO, a new garment construction technology made of yarn designed specifically for high-performance athletes. This features moisture wicking capabilities, hypoallergenic qualities, ultra-low weight, comfort and breathability.

Through the DRYNAMO innovation, Megmeister was able to deliver a 100% seam free garment, offering ‘friction free comfort’. The combination of DRYNAMO yarn and ‘revolutionary production methods, is the foundation of the brand’s base layer collections.’

Megmeister is looking to re-invent methods of production and develop new performance yarns and materials that can be used to maximise performance across a wide range of sports including cycling, running, football, golf and hiking.



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