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More than 822 million activities: 2019 Year In Sport data from Strava


Strava’s annual Year In Sport data report reveals new insights into ‘athletic performance, socialness, motivation and popular gear’ from its community of over 48 million athletes from 195 countries.

Over the past year, Strava athletes uploaded more than 822 million activities, collectively covering more than 8 billion miles.

Cyclists covered more than 5.6 billion miles in 2019 — far enough to get to Mars and back 82 times. Runners covered 1.3 billion total miles with an average distance of 4.1 miles per run.

“As the world’s largest community of athletes, with nearly one billion activity uploads over the last 12 months, we’re constantly learning about how athletes work out, often with fascinating results,” said Cathy Tanimura, Senior Director of Data Science & Analytics at Strava.

“To produce Year In Sport, our annual data report, our data team explores athlete behaviour – looking for surprises, trends and unique storylines around the world

Strava points to highlights such as:

  • Community keeps people active longer and motivates athletes to be their best.
  • One in four activities in the US is recorded with at least one other person.
  • Nearly half of all bike rides are grouped (49%) and group rides cover twice the distance of solo rides (global average).
  • 96% of Summit subscribers who set a goal in January are still active in July.
  • Athletes uploading three activities a week instead of two tend to be more consistent, resulting in 2x more activities over the year.
  • Summit subscribers upload 30% more activities in their first 6 months on Summit
  • Virtual reality cycling adoption by cyclists has nearly tripled since 2016.
  • Most runners head out between 6am and 8am on weekdays, but if they start earlier, they’re much more likely to be going with others. In fact, one in four activities in the US are recorded with at least one other person.

‘The fastest growing on Strava’

  • Comparing year on year growth of running shoes tracked by Strava athletes, Hoka One Carbon X was the fastest growing shoe followed by Adidas Solar Glide (2), New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon (3)
  • Polar Vantage M snagged the top stop of fastest growing running devices logged by Strava athletes followed by the Garmin Forerunner 945 (2), and Garmin Instinct (3)

Getting close to global gender parity for commuting

  • Globally, women cyclists commute 6.7% less than men.
  • But the US still has a way to go: women cyclists commute 17.4% less than men on average. But some US cities have reached gender parity
  • In Portland, 44.5% of women commute compared to 45.4% of men.
  • In New York City, 30.9% of women commute compared to 33.1% of men.
  • In Los Angeles, 21.8% of women commute compared to 25.5% of men.

Running a marathon in 2020

  • Strava looked at the six marathon majors so far in 2019 – Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon Chicago International Marathon and New York Marathon. It found that for the runners who logged what running shoe gear they wore in their race, those who wore Nike Next% shoes finished the 6 marathon majors fastest, closely followed by Nike Zoom Vaporfly.

* Year In Sport 2019 contains data from October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019.




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