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Multi-discipline: new Omne Air SPIN from POC

Developed for ‘enhanced safety, supreme versatility and the aim to unleash all cyclists potential’, POC has released the Omne Air SPIN and Omne Air Resistance SPIN helmets for the 2019 cycling season. The Omne helmets have been designed to be ‘the complete multi-discipline helmets, with advanced performance and the optimal blend of function and form.’

POC adds that the Omne Air SPIN and the Omne Air Resistance SPIN are designed to provide enhanced safety for cyclists, be it on the road, gravel or trails.

Oscar Huss, POC’s Head of Product Development, said “To deliver on our safety mission our helmets are all developed with our ‘whole helmet’ safety concept at the centre of our design process; using optimized materials and design throughout the helmet.

“Our ‘Omne’ helmets have been created with the ideal balance of weight, ventilation, comfort and fit. With a variety of riding needs in mind, and due to its incredible versatility, the Omne helmets will set off a chain reaction of riding and new adventures.”

The Omne Air SPIN features an EPS liner which is optimized for a balance between low weight and safety. POC’s patent-pending silicone pad technology system SPIN, (Shearing Pad Inside) complements POCs ‘whole helmet approach’.

In addition, POC points to several innovations and technologies, such as a 360° adjustment system and unique precision fit straps, that create a comfortable and precise helmet. The Omne Air Resistance SPIN is built on the same foundations as the Omne Air SPIN but has been specifically designed for a multipurpose road, commute, gravel and mountain bike use.




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