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MX3 Diagnostics in partnership with IRONMAN Oceania Series


MX3 Diagnostics has been designated the official hydration diagnostics partner for the IRONMAN Oceania Series. MX3 created what is billed as the first saliva-based ‘lab-in-your-hand’ health diagnostics platform, for non-invasive hydration testing.

The MX3 Hydration Testing System Pro Version uses saliva to ‘measure hydration in seconds, allowing trainers and athletes to assess hydration status anywhere at any time.’ The company adds that this innovative approach eliminates the need for blood prick or urine tests, ‘generating actionable results in real-time that are uploaded to the MX3 App and stored in the cloud.’

IRONMAN Oceania operates a portfolio of elite endurance races including the IRONMAN triathlon series throughout Australia and New Zealand.

By making a hydration test quick and convenient, IRONMAN athletes can track fluctuations in their fluid levels day by day, and over time. Athletes can access direct insight into how their training regimen, environment and lifestyle can impact hydration status and the amount of fluid they need to drink while training and during a competition.

“IRONMAN is the gold standard for endurance performance; and we are honoured to be involved with such an incredible community of organizers and athletes,” said Michael Luther, co-founder and CEO of MX3. “MX3 is dedicated to helping athletes improve performance and reduce injury, and this partnership allows us to reach the most elite endurance athletes in the world with a solution to managing hydration status that will help them reach their training goals.”

Hydration is a key element to sports performance, as dehydration can lead to fatigue, injury and sickness.

Dave Beeche, Managing Director of the Oceania IRONMAN Group, said competing in IRONMAN at all levels is about maximizing performance to help make the impossible a reality.

“The IRONMAN Oceania operations team is very proud to have been working with MX3 throughout the year to provide hydration assessments of IRONMAN athletes in recovery tents post competition,” Beeche said. “The innovative technology of MX3’s Hydration Testing System is quickly becoming a valuable tool for IRONMAN coaches and athletes to help them optimize hydration management during training and recovery sessions in preparation for race day.”



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