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New awards lead out POC’s 2019 cycling collections

POC has released its new 2019 cycling collections, and with it announced a raft of new design and innovation 2019 awards.

The award-winning products from the 2019 cycling collection include:

  • The MTB specific Resistance WO collection, which includes shorts and jerseys developed with a mix of materials to help ensure good heat management, dirt & water resistance and flexibility;
  • The VPD System Torso, a new back and chest protection system which has been created around extreme levels of protection, ventilation and comfort; and
  • The Oslo pant and jacket and Montreal vest from the POC Commuter collection, which offer protection against adverse weather conditions, and a lightweight and versatile reflective wind vest.

Head of Product Development at POC, Oscar Huss, said “We are driven by our safety mission and constantly look to develop products with an unquestionable level of quality, innovation and relevance. Making a host of new products and collections available for the 2019 season is inspiring and we are overjoyed that our MTB Resistance WO collection, VPD Torso and Commuter collection are winners of the prestigious Design and Innovation Award 2019.”

2019 road and MTB collections
The 2019 apparel collections are divided into the two main cycling categories; road and MTB, with both benefiting from performance and safety, the core of the POC development process.

Highlights for the Road collection include its innovations in its Raceday apparel, with a number of aerodynamic materials and panels to help reduce the impact and drag of a cyclist’s body through the air. AVIP (Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection) ceramic shorts and jerseys help support enhanced safety.

The 2019 Resistance and Essential MTB collections feature an array of protective, lightweight, stretchable, high-wicking and breathable materials. The precise fit and form is enhanced with improved safety in several parts of the collection, notably by introducing Cordura, Kevlar and reinforced zones.

Oscar Huss, continued “POC is well known for innovation and we have used our extensive experience in fabric and material development to challenge conventional thinking. Featuring a host of new technical fabrics, technologies and inspiration, our 2019 collections continue to support safety and performance in equal measure.”

Design and innovation award winners 2019

Resistance WO mountain bike collection
Designed for an active ride position, the jersey provides fit with a back protector and elbow pads. The lightweight Resistance WO Jersey features mesh material on the back and underarms to provide increased ventilation, while abrasion resistant Cordura sleeves provide increased crash protection and durability.

VPD System Torso
The VPD System Torso is a new back and chest protection system which has been created around ‘extreme levels of protection, ventilation and comfort’. The unique design and materials used help to ensure that the Torso system is minimalistic. According to POC, it will not interfere with riding in any conditions especially as body heat moulds the protection to a rider’s body shape.

POC and forth – Commuter collection
The POC and forth Commuter collection has been designed to support urban bike commuters and to eliminate the boundary between home, work and meetings. There are several new pieces in the POC and forth collection, notably the Oslo pant and jacket. In addition, the Montreal vest can be worn as a layer for visibility over a jacket or simply on its own. All commuter jackets feature the POC SEE / ME pocket and app, and to improve safety further all the new collection pieces feature a new and unique modular light system. This can be attached to the garments or bike with specifically developed magnets.




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