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New in-game qualification format for Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team


Zwift has announced the return of the Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team. New for 2020 is an in-game qualification format designed to test applicants, as Zwift and Specialized begin their search for a ‘new and exciting team to begin their journey towards Kona 2020.’

Enrolment for the Zwift Academy Tri program is open now and can be completed in game or online. The program itself will start on November 11th and runs until January 12th 2020.

The first phase of qualification will see Zwifters complete a series of bike and run workouts, group rides and races. To graduate from the Academy, Zwifters must complete the program’s six structured cycling workouts and one time trial. In addition, there are four structured run workouts and one running race to complete – with 5k, 8k, and 10k race options.

Applicants must have graduated the complete program by January 12th to qualify for the semi-final phase. The final team of six athletes will be unveiled in mid-February.

“Being part of the Zwift Academy Tri has been an amazingly surreal experience – the support and training has been unbelievable,” said Ruth Purbrook, Zwift Academy member 2019 and an age group category winner at the 2017 and 2018 IRONMAN World Championship . “Zwift Academy Tri has given me the infrastructure, support and equipment to really take my training to the next level, especially as I transition to pro from 2020.”

The Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team will have eyes fully focused on the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, and Zwift will once again be following the team on their journey through qualifications to all the action on race day on the island.

Returning again in 2020 are team mentors, Tim Don and Sarah True.

“There is nothing else like the Zwift Academy Tri Team in the sport of triathlon,” said Sarah True, Zwift Academy Tri Team mentor. “Supporting the six selected athletes on their journey to qualify and race at the 2020 IRONMAN World Championships is a fantastic experience, and the 2019 Zwift Academy shows the success of the program with all the selected athletes qualifying for Kona.”

Alongside expert guidance, the team will be supported with ‘some of the best equipment the industry has to offer’ from brands including Specialized, Wahoo, Roka and Science in Sport.

“Once again the Zwift Academy Tri team will be supported by the best brands from across the sport of triathlon,” said Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder. “From my perspective, this really is the world’s best supported amateur triathlon team.”

“I look forward to testing myself in this year’s workout program starting in November and can’t wait to see which six athletes will make the team for next year.”




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