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New Kiwi on the block: XTERRA Wellington Festival


The 2020 XTERRA World Tour kicks off on February 1 with a new edition. According to the XTERRA team, ‘it can’t be a more fitting start to XTERRA’s 25th year of off-road racing.’

The XTERRA Wellington Festival embraces the rugged coastal landscape of Kāpiti, 50km from Wellington, New Zealand, linking the beach to the mountains in a ‘wickedly West Coast way’.

“On a good day this course is ready to be taken apart, but underestimate her at your own peril,” said Event Director Bengy Barsanti. “This rugged New Zealand beach offers an unpredictable sea, a mountain bike trail with 800m of climbing and a great mix of gravel racing and single track downhill that’ll make your legs burn on the way up, but make up for it with all the thrills of the ride down.”

He added, “And the run courses…oh, the run courses. The views will inspire you but with the wrong wind, they might just break you, too.”

XTERRA and Kiwi legends Sam Osborne and Samantha Kingsford, as well as Lewis Ryan, all from Rotorua, will be taking part in the XTERRA full distance event.

Osborne is a two-time XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour Champion, the reigning XTERRA Pan American Tour Champ, and finished fourth at the XTERRA World Championship in October. Kingsford won the XTERRA Pan American Tour title this year.

Lewis, who won the inaugural XTERRA Taiwan off-road triathlon in 2018, sat out most of 2019 with injury and will be using the Kāpiti-based event as his comeback race.

“We are keen to see people attend from all over the country and the world,” said Bengy Barsanti. “The majority of our field will be made up of people wanting to take on the challenge and enjoy XTERRA for what it is — a family and lifestyle.

“We welcome visitors to compete with the elites in the main event or take part purely for the enjoyment with options including the Super 6km Trail Run, 31K mountain bike race, duathlon, or sprint events,” he said. “There’s something for everyone at every level,” he said.




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