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New market entrant: deboer wetsuits splashes out with Jan Frodeno


New market entrant, deboer wetsuits, has launched via a 3-year partnership with elite triathlete Jan Frodeno. The German athlete has chosen to swim in the new deboer Fjord 1.0 and Flōh 1.0 wetsuits, and the deboer Tsunami swimskin.

The company notes that both the Fjord 1.0 and the Flōh 1.0 are ‘the result of decades of experience testing, adjusting, and re-testing in pursuit of the perfect wetsuit; a wetsuit providing maximum performance that you forget you’re wearing.’

Jan Frodeno said, “You need to get a lot of things right to make a good wetsuit, and this is the best wetsuit I’ve ever swam in. The thing I love the most about deboer wetsuits is the flexibility. With other wetsuits I have to compensate for the lack of flexibility by swimming with a straighter arm. The design and the cut of the deboer wetsuits allow me to use a more natural stroke and bring my swimming technique from the pool into the open water.

“The unmatched performance paired with elegant styling makes this a wetsuit that’s going to turn a lot of heads.”

Dare2Tri’s Alex de Boer is one of the co-founders of deboer wetsuits. Although the new deboer brand is operated as a separate business to Dare2Tri.

deboer wetsuits co-founder Alex de Boer said “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Jan Frodeno. When it comes to performance, style, and excellence, no triathlete exemplifies these qualities like Jan Frodeno. This makes Jan the perfect fit for deboer wetsuits.

“We understand the precision and rigor that Jan puts into his preparation every time he toes the start line; when you’re racing for a world championship details matter. We echo Jan’s attention to detail, and are proud provide him with the Fjord 1.0 and Flōh 1.0 wetsuits, and the Tsunami swimskin.

“We at deboer wetsuits are looking forward to doing our small part to help Jan Frodeno chase further greatness as he cements his place among the greatest triathletes of all time.”

Fjord 1.0 – MSRP US$1499

  • For those swimming in cool water temperatures (down to 16° C / 61° F).
  • DuraFlex arms ‘provide zero resistance shoulder movement giving the swimmer the most natural stroke resulting in uninhibited arm speed.’
  • WhaleSkin neoprene used in the body and the legs of the Fjord 1.0 provides buoyancy and reduced drag.
  • GlideSkin used throughout the Fjord 1.0 increases hydrodynamics, reduces resistance when removing the wetsuit, and helps prevent fingernail tears.

Flōh 1.0 – MSRP US$1499

  • For those needing to brave colder water temperatures (down to 12° C / 53° F)
  • UltraFlex arms provide flexibility and durability, as being warmer than the DuraFlex used in the Fjord 1.0.
  • WhaleSkin™ neoprene used in the body and the legs of the Flōh 1.0 provides buoyancy and reduced drag.
  • GlideSkin used throughout.

deboer notes that its patented ultra-thin unique polymer (0.3mm) is ‘fingernail tear proof’… It has advanced shape memory, 4-way super stretch, and is lined with an ultra-flexible insulating lining also with 4-way stretch.

WhaleSkin – HBF Limestone Rib Neoprene
The company adds that Limestone neoprene has a high micro-cell structure. These are independent closed cells (like bubbles) within the neoprene that are packed together at a high density. Limestone neoprene has a claimed 94% cell penetration – over 30% more than oil-based neoprene ‘leading to greater impermeability, lightness, warmth, durability and stretch with memory allowing more freedom of movement’.

deboer claims that WhaleSkin rib neoprene increases the surface by 18.3%, which in turn increases buoyancy and ultimately increases speed. ‘In addition, it’s more environmentally friendly.’

This is a glide layer coating technology for low water friction and increased hydrodynamics. In addition, it reduces resistance when changing out of a wetsuit, thus, helping to save time during transition. This coating also aids in the reduction of fingernail tears.

Warmer than its other materials ‘yet still incredibly flexible and highly durable’, deboer’s exclusive polymer is also claimed to be fingernail tear proof. It has advanced shape memory, 4-way super stretch, and is lined with an ultra-flexible insulating lining also with 4-way stretch.

In 1995 Alex de Boer started his own company distributing Ironman wetsuits and quickly expanded to include distribution of the Ironman Active Wear range. In 1998 he had the opportunity to visit a wetsuit factory in Asia and see the technology first-hand. From this visit, an idea was born to ‘create a truly unique wetsuit for the world of triathlon’.



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