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New premium activewear brand Evveervital launching in the UK


Evveervital is hitting the UK market this month – aiming to be a leader in luxury, sustainably-aware athleisure apparel.

In a release, Evveervital notes that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, after the oil industry. ‘Yet it does not receive the same level of attention as other offenders, such as single-use plastics.’

Evveervital is setting out to offer a luxurious, quality product, using a high percentage of recycled and bio-based materials and employing techniques such as seamless technology to minimise waste. Sustainability will be at the heart of the brand’s research, development and plans for the future.

‘For Evveervital, sustainable clothing goes beyond just the product. They carefully vet manufacturers and suppliers to make sure their values align, including minimising carbon footprints, and having a fair wage system and sustainably aware production.’

Katrin Schneck, Evveervital’s founder, said “At Evveervital, we’ve created a brand which uses responsibly sourced materials without compromising quality or style. All our clothing is manufactured in Europe, where staff are paid a living wage.”

“The products are anti-bacterial, sweat-wicking, with soft-touch fabrics that act like a second skin. They not only look incredible but feel so comfortable you hardly notice you are wearing them.”

Three distinct product lines – Exposed, Evoni and Elan – aim to position Evveervital to suit a wide range of styles, body shapes and activities.

Katrin added “We’ve been incredibly innovative with our designs creating three beautiful product ranges each with their own personality and suited to different activities. After a long time planning, designing and testing, we’re very excited to finally share our revolutionary women’s workout wardrobes with the world.”

Best suited to yoga, barre, pilates and dance
Soft, stretchy fabrics that feel like a second skin
Simple and elegant with a soft, pastel colour palette

Best suited to high-impact activity, such as boxing
Sensual, sleek designs with supportive fabrics that make you feel secure
Sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial and UV protective
Dark, block colours

Best suited for outdoor pursuits such as running, cycling and hiking
Waterproof, windproof, breathable and with reflective trims
Colourful with vibrant prints
UV protective



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