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New ‘Ritz on Running’ column for Competitor Running


Competitor Running has announced its newest columnist – professional runner Dathan Ritzenhein. ‘Ritz on Running’, his new twice monthly column, will share Ritzenhein’s experience as a pro runner and bring the elite running world to readers.

‘Ritz’ is a three-time Olympian, multiple national champion, former American record holder, and a member of one of America’s most successful running teams, the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project. His new column launched on January 15th and will publish every second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

“For competitive athletes, there is so much that can be learned from what the professionals do,” said Ritzenhein in his inaugural column. “I’ll share training logs, workouts, mantras, race course analysis, and tips that can help all runners become better athletes. I’ll also check in with other elite runners from high schoolers to Masters.”

Competitor Running’s Editorial Director Erin Beresini praised Ritzenhein’s first two columns, now available on Competitor Running’s website. She said, “Ritz isn’t just one of America’s fastest runners, he’s also thoughtful about how hard work leads to results. His career ups and downs are relatable for Competitor Running readers, who have faced down their own injuries and tried new ways to train and race. I’m excited to hear what Ritz thinks on a wide range of running topics, and I know our readers are too.”

Ritzenhein’s column will examine the many ways to be successful in running and reveal how much runners can learn from each other’s successes and failures. As Ritz said in his first column, “The pros are just like you. My hope is to bring you closer to the experience of the elite athlete to gain knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for the sport and your own running.”

Competitor Running is published by Pocket Outdoor Media, a leading publisher in endurance sports. From web to print, podcast to social, Pocket Outdoor Media brands earned 303 million content views last year, ‘reaching the most active and influential consumers in cycling, triathlon, and running’.

In addition to the newly acquired, BRAIN, Pocket’s brands include: VeloNews, ‘the authoritative voice of cycling’; Triathlete, ‘the world’s #1 triathlon resource’; Women’s Running, ‘the world’s largest running magazine for women’; Competitor.com, ‘the most trusted website for runners’; and VeloPress, ‘the world’s leading publisher of books on endurance sports’.

Pocket Outdoor Media is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has an office in San Diego, California.



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