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New version of ITU’s Event Organiser’s Manual available


The International Triathlon Union (ITU) has released a completely new version of the Events Organiser’s Manual (EOM). There are 60 more pages added to the previous version, and more than 200 changes and additions. ITU adds that this document is ‘the most valuable tool for anyone taking on the role of a triathlon event organiser as it follows the evolution of the sport over the past number of years, with valuable input from the whole triathlon family.’

With the latest version of the EOM released five years ago, the major update for this new version has been around multisports – ‘trying to capture the standards that are applicable across the world to all different events’. One of the major changes in the 2019 version of the EOM is a clear differentiation in the document on the requirements for standard distance events and multisport events, as well as a complete review of all technical standards.

With almost 350 pages of information and documentation, the document is built so that local event organisers can have access to the working templates and documents that they need to use for delivering an event.

The complete review of the EOM has taken more than six months, and includes changes in many sections, including risk management and crisis communication plans.

The complete revision of the document has been reviewed and approved by the ITU Technical Committee and the ITU Multisport Committee.

Gergely Markus, ITU Sports Director said, “I would like to thank all the [ITU] Sport Department, especially Thanos Nikopoulos, Eriketti Margari, Stefane Mauris and Leslie Buchanan, as well as the members of the ITU Technical Committee and of various other committees – for their hard work updating it. We sincerely hope that this document will be a great tool to help all organisers hosting ITU events.



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