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Nuun sponsors ‘Queen of CrossFit’ Annie Thorisdottir

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Hydration specialist Nuun has announced its sponsorship of Annie Thorisdottir as she prepares for her eighth CrossFit Games in which she will pursue her third victory. Nuun’s Informed-Sport and Non-GMO certified products have become a hydration solution for Annie, her coach Jami Tikkanen and the athletes at her gym, CrossFit Reykjavik in Iceland.

Nuun is the exclusive hydration partner for all of Annie’s training, competing and recovery needs. On the advocacy side, the company adds that ‘Annie also shares Nuun’s values for clean performance and female equality in sport.’

Annie Thorisdottir exploded into CrossFit with her performance at the third CrossFit Games in 2009 in Aromas, California. She travelled from her hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland, with a gymnastics background and only a month of CrossFit training. Since 2010, she has been working alongside her coach Jami Tikkanen and has qualified for the CrossFit Games eight times, earning the podium on five of those occasions and twice has been crowned the ‘Fittest on Earth’. Heading into the 2019 CrossFit Games on August 1st-4th in Madison, WI, Annie is ranked second in the world coming out of the Open qualifier.

“I’m very enthusiastic about my partnership with Nuun,” said Annie Thorisdottir, 2x CrossFit Games World Champion. “Working with Jami Tikkanen on my nutrition and hydration needs, Nuun has become a critical piece in my training and helps me prepare my body for the demands of competition. I am also very honoured to be aligned with a partner who shares my commitment to advocating for female representation in sport and clean sport.”

Nuun’s Endurance and Sport lines will be used by Annie to maximize her daily training and competing. Nuun Immunity helps to combat the stresses of high training loads and travel. In alignment with Jami Tikkanen’s work in optimizing recovery and sleep for athletes, Nuun Rest is a ‘staple in their holistic approach to training’.

“Nuun is on a mission to inspire more movement and a key value in bringing this to life is fostering a level playing field for all athletes,” said Kevin Rutherford, Nuun President and CEO. “We are honoured to welcome Annie into the Nuun family and support an extraordinary athlete who demonstrates that success in sport is equally measured through both: results and the way in which you accomplish them.”



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