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Official 2019 Fantasy Tour de France League now live


Cycling fans are being invited to step into the shoes of a directeur sportif at the Tour de France with the return of the 2019 Fantasy Tour de France. Fans of the world’s largest sporting event are invited to become the manager of their own team where they can compete against others from around the world in the hope of leading their team to victory.

Participants will have to construct a team of eight riders, without exceeding the allocated budget, tol earn points for their performances on all 21 stages of the Tour de France. Riders will also earn points that reflect their rankings in the three different classifications; individual, points and mountains.

Each virtual manager will pick a road captain who will earn them double points. This, along with the rest of the team can be modified on Le Tour’s two rest days, on 16th and 22nd of July.

New to this year’s Fantasy Tour de France, the top 100 riders on each stage will score points – as opposed to just 25 last year – opening up the importance of rider selection further down the finish list.

2019 Fantasy Tour de France players have the option to create or join private leagues that can include friends, family and colleagues. Participants will also be ranked in an overall general league to see how their directeur sportif skills stack up against those across the globe.

Ned Boulting, cycling broadcaster and author, said “I’ve entered my team and knowing my history of predictions, it’s likely to be awful. You’ll do much better, so do set up a team, join a league and have a go at being a Directeur Sportif this July.”



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