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ONE PRO Nutrition raises the bar with new High Protein Vegan Snack offering


Active nutrition brand ONE PRO Nutrition has launched its latest product, a high protein vegan bar which comes in two flavours – Raspberry & Chocolate and Peanut & Cacao. The bars are both vegan and gluten free and come in compostable packaging.

Each bar contains 17g of pea protein isolate & pea protein crispies to ‘support muscle mass and aid tissue repair after exercise.’ Alongside more than 14g of fibre, the company notes that the ‘new bars will keep you feeling fuller for longer, with the added bonus of being great for the digestive system.’

There are no artificial sweeteners, sugars, fillers or additives and both flavours are naturally sweetened. With 2.9g of sugar in each flavour variant, the protein bars are also for those looking to keep sugar intake at a minimum.

The company adds that the secret to the new product offering is the vegan chocolate used. It reportedly has a lower GI than standard chocolate ‘meaning there’s a slower rise in blood glucose whilst providing the same indulgent taste as its traditional counterpart.’

Former England Cricketer and ONE PRO Nutrition founder, Matt Prior said “We were looking to create a bar that would give you everything you needed, be accessible to everyone and tastes amazing. It’s more than just a protein bar, it’s a satisfying sweet treat.”

The RRP of each bar is £2.59 per bar, with a box of 12 costing £29.99.




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