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OPEN introduces WI.DE. (Winding Detours) bike

Gravel and off-road bike specialist OPEN has introduced the WI.DE. (Winding Detours), which sits next to its U.P. family of bikes. While the U.P. focuses on the ‘road-all-road-gravel’ spectrum, the WI.DE. covers ‘all-road-gravel-extreme’ rides thanks to its expanded tyre clearance.

The company notes that U.P. riders cover plenty of extreme terrain already, but the WI.DE. extends the possibilities even further. The new WI.DE. frameset is priced at US$3200.

When OPEN launched the U.P. (Unbeaten Path) model in 2015, the bike firm claimed to have created a new category of performance gravel bikes. Equally at home on-road and off, with 28mm or 2.1” tyres, ‘the U.P. allowed people to ride anywhere and get there fast.’

OPEN co-founder Andy Kessler said “The WI.DE. fits up to 2.4” mountain bike tyres. That’s big even compared to some XC mountain bikes. At the same time, it still offers a performance road position for the rider and fits narrow road cranks, so riding efficiency remains high. This means it can conquer almost any terrain, without slowing you down on the easier roads and trails.”



The WI.DE. takes the ‘most-copied feature of the U.P.’ – its dropped chainstays. OPEN co-founder & WI.DE. designer Gerard Vroomen explained “The WI.DE. drops both chainstays, creating a very efficient box structure for the monostay behind the bottom bracket. This increases BB stiffness, reduces weight and squeezes even more tyre clearance out of the frame.

“In addition, the WI.DE. is optimized for 1x drivetrains only, which further helps tyre clearance (the U.P. also offers 2x, although most riders build their U.P. with 1x).

  • Updated geometry: with slightly taller headtubes, the WI.DE. helps to give riders control on the trickiest terrain, including rutted singletrack, loose rocks and ‘extreme gravel’.
  • New size: ‘due to popular demand’, OPEN has added an XS size to its line-up. The company adds that ‘this is one of the smallest gravel frames you will find… Be sure to check stack/reach for a fair comparison with other frames, not toptube length, which can be misleading.’
  • Nimble handling: the WI.DE. steering geometry has been tweaked to offer the same feel but over a different range of tyre sizes (35mm to 2.4”).
  • Smartmount 160: The brake calipers are attached directly to the fork and frame without any adaptors. The mounts are positioned pre-set for 160mm discs for both front & rear.
  • Toolbox mount: under the bottom bracket, the new monostay offers a location to attach a toolbox. Out of the way with a low centre of gravity, the mounts are offset to create extra clearance with the chainring.
  • De-Fender-Ready: the WI.DE. frame and fork are prepared for OPEN’s upcoming De-Fender mudguard system (due for release in December 2019).




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