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Open Water World Tour 2019 gets underway

The second edition of the Open Water World Tour (OWWT) is rolling out; and for the 2019 series, a number of new events have joined.

The OWWT is a global tour with a ranking system. Participating swimmers obtain points in every event they take part in, but also through doing ‘solo swims in regulated crossings’.

This year, the OWWT heads to the African continent, where the first stage of the tour will be held. The chosen event to kick off the series is the Jendamark Bellbuoy Challenge. This is one of the most prestigious open water events in South Africa, where athletes swim in Nelson Mandela Bay, at Port Elisabeth, on April 13th.

After that the tour moves to America. The American organizer will be the same as last year, Odyssey OWS, but with a brand new event, the Berkley Swim Race, taking place on June 8th.

Italy gets on board on June 16th, with the Italian Open Water Tour. This will have three events, which will count as one for the OWWT final ranking points.

On June 30th, it will be the turn for the Asian stage of the series. In Kazahstan, the Almaty Marathon is hosting its event from a local beach club that ‘makes it worthwhile to travel there’.

On the first weekend of July, the OWWT will be in Europe with a new event for the tour – Horten Moss in Norway. The organisers add that this 10km swim race is in an ‘outstanding location’.

From 8-11 August, another new event will take place, organised by the OWWT team. This will feature a ‘4-stage swim race on the coast of a Mediterranean amazing spot’.

On 7-8 September the Woerthesee Swim, in Klagenfurt, Austria, features a ‘unique competition with the Alps landscape as a backdrop’.

The Spetses Mini Marathon, in Greece, on October 4-6 will be the final event of the Open Water World Tour 2019 – whereupon the final ranking will be decided.




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