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Peer-to-peer: new coaching platform from Bereda


Bereda Training’s new Peer-to-Peer Coaching platform is a couple months away from its official launch. According to the company, it has ‘seen globally recognized coaches or athletes join the waitlist eager for early access.’

Bereda’s platform is built for the endurance sports community. It offers up a place for private, 1-to-1 connections about training between athletes, their peers and coaches.

Dennis Cottreau, CEO at Bereda said, “Great athletes have peers around them who help them improve. We want to enable that for every athlete. “1-to-1, peer-to-peer connections are how people start in these sports. Yet, until now, there is no platform built to maintain and enhance these relationships over an athlete’s lifetime in endurance sports.”

The Bereda platform is built for… ‘Goal-oriented cyclists, runners and triathletes who are intrinsically motivated to improve and embrace the challenge that comes with their ambitions on a daily basis. Achievement requires hard work, but also the knowledge and experience to know what to do.’

Bereda adds that there is a fundamental need for guidance; although:

  • Learning through content can be overwhelming
  • Pre-made training plans may be too rigid for the realities of everyday life; and
  • Unfortunately, while coaching is the best options for athletes that want to improve, it remains cost prohibitive to the majority of endurance athletes.

Dennis Cottreau added, “Over the past year, we’ve been listening to our customers and hearing their stories about how they got started in endurance sports and how they improved to where they are today. In doing so, we were continuously reminded of another significant and somewhat obvious solution for guidance: Talking to a friend.

“Bereda intends to fill that gap. Social platforms like Strava have allowed athletes to connect with one another to share activities and encouragement, but public comment boards aren’t built to support meaningful conversations about improvement.

Guidance is best delivered through 1-to-1 conversations. Email, Facebook Messenger, and other modern messaging apps all enable this, but when it comes to endurance training, these tools lack the context required for a helpful conversation.”

Bereda is positioned as a platform where endurance athletes help each other improve. Via its Peer-to-Peer Coaching for Endurance Sports, Bereda combines modern, 1-to-1 messaging with access to training data and future plans. According to the company, this brings context to conversations about training between, athletes, their peers and coaches.

Bereda’s Dennis Cottreau continued, “We believe giving endurance athletes the ability to connect and collaborate can unlock the potential of individual athletes to help each other improve their performance, achieve their goals, and gain the experience they need to confidently self-direct their training.

“Allowing athletes to be involved in each other’s training leads not only to better results, but a better experience along the way.”



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