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PFC free apparel cleaners and re-proofers from Endura


Endura has launched two new products – the Apparel Re-proofer and Apparel Cleaner & Re-Proofer. These offerings are PFC free and help to keep waterproof garments clean and re-proofed.

Apparel Re-Proofer
Endura notes that all waterproof clothing needs regular maintenance to keep it working at its best. Time, dirt, and even regular wear all inhibit waterproof fabrics’ ability to repel water and breathe leaving the user feeling damp, cold and uncomfortable.

Based on an ‘environmentally responsible fluorocarbon-free technology’, Endura Re-proofer restores the Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finish to garments. Ideally applied to damp garments, this product sprays on easily and provides maximum protection without requiring heat activation.

Apparel Cleaner & Re-Proofer
Saving time and energy, one wash cycle provides powerful cleaning and re-proofing. According to Enduran, this is the perfect way to regularly maintain your technical waterproof clothing. Again, based on an environmentally responsible fluorocarbon-free technology and designed to work at low temperatures , Endura Cleaner and Re-proofer cleans and restores the Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finish to garments.

Safe to use in all domestic washing machines, the produce requires heat activation to work – ideally via low-temperature tumble drying. If a tumble dryer is not available, ironing or blow-drying will also work.

Both the Endura Re-Proofer and the Endura Apparel Cleaner and Re-proofer are suitable for use on all outdoor and technical fabrics including all ExoShell garments. They are ‘PFC free, fluorocarbon-free and environmentally responsible’.



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