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POC and Exeger partner to develop ‘helmets with endless power’


Helmet, apparel and accessories specialist POC and Exeger, a Swedish ‘deep tech company manufacturing a unique material that converts light energy to electrical energy’, have announced a partnership. According to the companies, this ‘will revolutionise safety and wearable technology, by developing helmets with endless power.’

Commenting on the new partnership, which will be showcased at the Rouleur Classic in London, POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, said “Safety and innovation are at the very centre of what we do. Inspired by our mission we are driven to explore new ideas and innovate to improve protection for all. Over the years we have delivered many world firsts, and I am incredibly proud of our new partnership with Exeger which will introduce ground-breaking technology with the potential to revolutionise safety and wearable technology for our users.”

Exeger’s unique carbon positive material converts light to electricity in ambient light conditions – both artificial and natural light. The material acts as an integrated power source and is claimed to be the only material that can seamlessly enhance any product with endless power, by harnessing all light energy and converting it to electrical energy in an environmentally friendly way.

Exeger founder and CEO, Giovanni Fili, added “POC is known for its open-minded and innovative approach to safety and are rightly recognized as the leader in the field. Over the past decade we have fine-tuned our technology, creating what many people thought was impossible, to create an innovative material with the potential to deliver endless, sustainable energy.

“Our long-term partnership with POC is as natural as the light we harvest and we are incredibly excited to work together to design, develop and release the next generation of smart helmets next year.”

The unique characteristics of Exeger’s light harvesting material, which can be formed and shaped to almost any product, allows for integration in different devices (e.g. wireless headphones, tablets and smart helmets) without compromising design and aesthetics.

Together, POC and Exeger will create new smart helmets to enhance consumer safety. Exeger will bring its light powered material, enabling smart technology to be integrated into helmets. POC, will ‘lead the design of the next generation self-powered wearables.’

POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, continued, “Our ‘Whole helmet concept’ illustrates that in today’s world a helmet can, and should, do significantly more than manage impacts. By integrating digital solutions we can protect a user before, during and after an accident. Exeger’s unique material opens a world of new opportunities, creating helmets with an endless power source is the key to unlocking the ideas and innovations we have and which have the potential to revolutionize safety.”

As part of the partnership, POC and Exeger will present the technology and how they will develop, design and manufacture a self-powered helmet at the Rouleur Classic in London (31 October to 2 November 2019).




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