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Polar OH1 + optical heart rate sensor targeting swimmers


Polar has unveiled the Polar OH1 +, an optical heart rate sensor. The new accessory is positioned as being ideal for swimmers, featuring ANT+ and BLE connectivity and a convenient goggle clip, providing accurate heart rate measurement while swimming.

In addition to Polar devices, OH1 + will also connect with gym & studio equipment such as treadmills, as well as ANT+ compatible cycling computers. With an internal memory capable of storing up to 200 hours of training and a battery life of up to 12 hours, Polar adds that athletes can have the freedom to track heart rate with or without the need of a wrist-based device.

The Polar OH1 + package including the goggle strap clip for swimmers is available with black, grey and orange armbands for US$79.95/€79.90. Current Polar OH1 and Polar H10 users may also enjoy dual ANT+ and BLE connectivity via a software update.

With OH1 +, Polar adds that swimmers can now record their heart rate while training and understand the intensity of their session to modify future training sessions, all without the need for a chest strap.

‘OH1 +’s ease of use and comfortable strap make it the most multipurpose tracking tool for athletes of all types, particularly when a chest strap or wrist-based monitor is not ideal, due to activity type or personal preference.’

“Polar continues to be the trusted leader in heart rate technology, with constant advancements in our hardware and software products continually raising the industry benchmarks for accuracy and reliability,” said Riikka Rae, Product Segment Manager at Polar.

“Chest straps and wrist-based monitoring have their places in training, but OH1 + was designed as a comfortable option when scenarios call for more evolved heart rate options. For example, with OH1 +, you can simultaneously transmit your heart rate in BLE and ANT+ to your smart trainer as your Polar watch records training load data, helping ensure the documented intensity of your training session is always accurate,” she said.

  • Versatility: For users who prefer not to wear a chest strap or wrist-based heart rate device, Polar OH1 + may be worn on the forearm or upper arm during any sports activity. It is machine-washable and waterproof up to 30m. Swimmers may also use the included clip to attach OH1 + to their goggles and position the sensor over their temple for heart rate measurement while swimming.
  • Accuracy: Equipped with Polar’s scientifically developed, proprietary optical heart rate solution for accurate heart rate tracking.
  • Comfort: Small sensor that clips comfortably onto most swim goggles, and a soft, textile armband fits snugly and comfortably around the arm.
    Diversity: Athletes may simultaneously follow their heart rate in real-time on compatible Polar and Bluetooth/ANT+ devices, Polar Beat mobile app and other third-party fitness apps. When paired with Polar Beat, users can access real-time heart rate data, training guidance and Polar’s Smart Coaching features.
  • Convenience: Internal memory stores up to 200 hours of HR training. A long battery life boasts up to 12 hours (USB rechargeable battery) of operating time, and firmware updates offer feature updates. ANT+ connectivity is available to current OH1 users through a software update.



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