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Polar Vantage updates include ‘Nightly Recharge’ and ‘Sleep Plus Stages’


Polar has announced a new round of updates for Polar Vantage V and Vantage M multi-sport watches, as well as a new blue wristband option and a black copper colourway for Vantage M.

Available today, Polar notes that the new firmware update introduces:

  • Sleep Quality Insights with Sleep Plus Stages: sleep tracking offers ‘a full window to your night’ – it automatically tracks the amount and quality of sleep, and shows how long was spent in each sleep stage.
  • Recovery Insights with Nightly Recharge: this is an overnight recovery measurement that shows how well the user recovers from the demands of their day. Recovery from overall stress plays a role in performance development, optimal daytime functioning, well-being and health. Restorative functions like muscle growth, tissue repair, protein synthesis and growth hormone release occur mostly during sleep. Polar adds that ‘Nightly Recharge tells you how well your body was able to recover from the strain caused by training and other demands of your day.’
  • Serene: offers new guided breathing exercises, from the wrist. Polar notes that athletes’ bodies don’t distinguish between stress from training and other parts of life, and mental well-being is an important part of recovery. Regular, daily breathing exercises with Serene can help balance body and mind, better recovery, and even help with better sleep.

In addition to the new feature additions, Polar has also added Galileo and QZSS satellite system support, manual stride sensor calibration as well as Zone Lock, which supports heart rate, pace, and running and cycling power.

Since the products’ initial release, Polar has continued to make GPS enhancements that improve performance and data accuracy. For added convenience, Vantage watches also offer inactivity alerts, a constant backlight for easy viewing during training, and a fitness test that can now be performed via the watch’s wrist-based heart rate monitor.

Polar also introduced a new blue wristband colour for Vantage M and Vantage V. Both Vantage V and Vantage M are available for purchase with the blue bands, for US$499.95 and US$279.95, respectively. For those looking to update their Vantage watches, individual blue silicone bands are available in size M/L for Vantage V priced at US$39.95 and Vantage M, priced at US$24.94. On October 16th, a black copper version of the Vantage M will also be available.

In December, Polar will release a 5.0 update that includes Strava Live Segments support for Vantage V, as well as ‘Race Pace’ and ‘FitSpark’ for Vantage V and M.




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