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Program for ‘Show Me The Money’ Business Conference at the Cycle Show


The all new Business Conference which takes place on Trade Day at the Cycle Show on 12th September 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham, is free to attend for all IBDs. The conference will focus on delivering advice for bike shops, addressing the issues facing the UK retail sector and providing examples of best-in-class retailing from beyond the cycling industry.

Breakfast session for exhibitors

08.45-9.15: Branding: Stand out in a crowded marketplace
Great brands know how to connect with their customers emotionally and how to talk their language. Mark Roberts, Chief Creative Officer of international design and brand agency Green Room, considers what lessons can be learnt from those who do it best.

Business Conference, Main Trade Day

Morning session: Optimising store effectiveness

10.15-11.00: Store location – choosing the right store, rents, lease conditions
Adam Lazenbury, Partner at global retail agency Cushman & Wakefield, provides analysis of how to select a store location, powerful retail adjacencies, catchment data; plus what to look out for in terms of rent, lease conditions and providing a strong covenant and how to expand beyond a first store.

11.00-11.30: Firing on all channels: Leveraging opportunities across your business
In an omni-channel world, what can the cycle industry learn from how other independent businesses are using all the channels available to them to maximise impact and sales? Fresh from collaboration with Amazon on the roll-out of Clicks and Mortar pop-up shops across the UK, Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, looks at strategies for success.

11.30-12.00: Lifestyle: Understanding cycling and leisure
Halfords European Retail Director Simon Bentley looks at the role of stores, how to capitalise on the growth in the popularity of cycling and how complementary services can help to match and support the retail offer.

12.00-12.45: Store design – How to maximise impact and sales
International design agency Dalziel + Pow explains how to design the interior of a store for maximum impact and what to do to optimise merchandising for sales.

Afternoon session: Staff and customers – How to get them and keep them

14.15-14.45: Amazing associates: Finding, training and retaining staff
Tips on how best to seek out great associates, train them to be great brand ambassadors and keep them in the business, growing as you expand your operations.

14.45-15.15: Leadership: Creating the right management team for growth
One of the toughest moves is taking an owner-run single store business and expanding, ensuring you have the right team and skills in place for growth and for modern retailing. Virtue People Director Andy Marsh, formerly with Missguided and Bench, talks building the right leadership team.

15.15-15.45: Customer loyalty: Getting and keeping customers
Once you have a customer, this sessions asks how do you help and support them to create lifelong customers who keep coming back?

The business conference is aiming to form a complementary part of the day for trade visitors, offering the chance to hear and learn from a wide range of international experts at no additional cost.

Earlier this year, Immediate Media, the owner of media brands such as bikeradar, cyclingnews and 220 Triathlon, confirmed the acquisition of Upper Street Events, one of the UK’s leading producers of consumer enthusiast events. The acquisition of Upper Street saw Immediate Media take over the Cycle Show – the largest bike show in the UK, based at Birmingham’s NEC.



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