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Quarq DZero DUB power meter with ‘MagicZero’ auto calibration


Power meter specialist Quarq has unveiled its latest power meter platform – the Quarq DZero DUB. The ‘powered by SRAM’ power meter incorporates Quarq’s DZero technology packed into the spider based power meter. This is now combined with SRAM’s DUB technology via the crank arms.

According to Quarq, the new offering delivers a stronger, stiffer and lighter power meter.

With this hardware upgrade, Quarq has also launched a new firmware to introduce ‘MagicZero’ – an automatic calibration of the power meter during the ride. As Quarq adds, there is no need to back pedal or manually calibrate with a headunit.



Meanwhile, the SRAM AXS app has replaced Qalvin BLE for all power meter related functions. The app allows the rider to build a bike with all connected components, monitor battery levels, and firmware updates.

An account is not required to use the app for firmware updates, but Quarq recommends creating an account to receive the full benefits of the app.



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